Цезарь Август

Deutsches Historisches Museum

It's is rainy in Berlin now. But it's a perfect chance to walk through Berlin Museums. I started to do it from German Spy Museum. Also I was in the German Historical Museum yesterday. The exposition is excellent there. I just looked a portrait of Cardinal Richelieu by Philippe de Champaigne. The portrait of Cardinal Mazarin authorship by this portrait painter is in this Museum too. :)

Actually, that's the most favorite moments in the museum in photos. ;)

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Lovely Berlin!

It was an awful weather today and I found some time for the work with my photos from yesterday's walking in Berlin. I went across Wilhelmstraße to Brandenburger Tor. I spent a lot of time near Reichstag Building after this. Last point of my trip was der Berliner Fernsehturm near Alexanderplatz. :)

It's very difficult to express all my impressions there. I think my photos show it better! Enjoy! :)

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Цезарь Август

Der Berliner Fernsehturm

It was a "full of Berlin" for me today. I climbed into the Berlin TV tower at the end of the day. Actually, these photos are just from there. I have a huge Nostalgia for Seoul. Others photos will come later... I was very tired today.)))


It isn't "fucking" Berlin... ;)

Berlin isn't so monumental as St. Petersburg and so luxury as Moscow. Berlin is the city where the modern design coexists with the Gothic architecture. The Reichstag building is located in the background of buildings in the neomodern style... No, I have never seen suchlike in St. Petersburg exactly. ;) And "Der Berliner Fernsehturm" stands proudly over all Berlin. It's straight as the Milad Tower in Tehran... I saw it today, and the memories came flooding back...

Berlin is a very quiet city. There are a lot of beautiful girls and everyone speaks English. Perfect and cheap hookah is in Berlin, as well as there are a lot of romantic cafés, where are presented excellent German cuisine.

Berlin is a hasteless city. It's almost like Pskov. I wonder... How have people lived in small towns in Germany? :)

And there is a little bit of German "street politics". I have been laughing for a long time.


That you are slowly killing me?

This song is like my life currently. When I fall asleep, I think only about you. When I wake up, I think thus. I don't hate you. I love you only. And it's unbearable. I wanna see world, but I behold only you and I feel only my broken heart. It's a Love and it's a sickness. Something like this...

...I hate you, I love you,
I hate that I love you,
Don't want to, but I can't put
Nobody else above you.
...You want his, you need his,
And I'll never be his.

All alone I watch you watch her
Like he's the only boy you've ever seen.
You don't care you never did,
You don't give a damn about me
Yeah, all alone I watch you watch his...

Fifty Shades Darker... :D

"You taught me how to fuck and not how to love".
(c) Christian Grey.

I have visited Moscow this week. There were a lot of work and time was a little. Especially as the fact, that I should immediately go to Germany. I went to the cinema at the end of my voyage. I watched the movie "Fifty Shades Darker" with a hookah and a tea with the ginger in the luxurious cinema "Loft Cinema" at Sretensky alleyway.

I believe that the sex is the highest expression of the feeling of the Love. Accordingly, if there is no love, that there is no sex too. I can say only following words to all girls I had before: "You have been taught me how to fuck and not how to Love". The movie "Fifty Shades Darker" it is the film about the Love, as well as it's about how to properly to fuck with the Love. :)

Fuck only with the Love and be calm, my dears! :D

Только ты!

My dream city!

- Verona.

Verona, it's the city of mutual love until death. Although there is no death. :D So it is the city of eternal our mutual Love! :P

Winter St. Petersburg

Winter in St. Petersburg reminds early spring as usual. There is cloudy and wet. But this city is amazing monumentality. I like very much the historic city center. I am very glad that circumstances allowed me to visit St. Petersburg this winter.  I'm going to visit Berlin now...

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