Любовь добро

Nous on fait l'amour on vit la vie!

I love French opera very much. France: it's the world of the charm and the spree. Merging of souls and merging of bodies ... Yes, it's the truth: A quoi ça sert d'être sur la terre. Si c'est pour faire nos vies à genoux. On sait que le temps c'est comme le vent. De vivre y'a que ça d'important. On se fout pas mal de la morale. On sait bien qu'on fait pas de mal. :)

St. Petersburg - hello again! :D


The Karma

I wanna sit on the hill at night and to look into the distance. My wearied mind is relaxed by meditation and my soul will find the peace thereby.

I am very fascinated by the eastern culture recently. Really, contemplation and meditation help me to survive. Of course, there is spiritually first of all. So I wanna go to the edge of the Earth. I wanna live on the island in mid-ocean, to meditate on the top of the volcano and to contemplate my new world.

What a blessing, I found meaning in the religion and I found the purpose in the life. :) We come into this world and we leave it. There is no death. Only the Karma is something that stays with us from the past life and it goes to the next. I want my next life with me will be only the Karma of the Love and good deeds. Nya! :)

The elf's sorrow

Sometimes I can be sad. Sometimes I wanna howl at the Moon. And it happens very rarely current condition. That is ...

The elf's sorrow

I'll certainly find You,
As the Moon meets with the night.
It will be Deja vu,
When we two are in light…

Light of our mutual love,
In the world we knew,
We were in heaven above,
I am with You!

I see you in my dreams -
Illusory, like the morning dew!
But this life never gives,
The world we knew...

Любовь добро

The Illusion of Time...

I have always believed that time is an illusion. As well, that life and death is a very subjective concept. I don't wanna philosophize deeply on the subject now. I present a short poem better. :)

The Illusion of Time...

"There is no death"
Once You said...
Who believes and seeth...
They'll never be dead!

But when you've enough hits at bat,
There's no love in the heart,
And nobody wanna call,
Because you closed your soul!

Are You alive or cold?
If you have never told...
The words for the sake of we're alive,
You stay only in your pain and its dive!

Will it always be night?
I don't care - "Am I right?"
It can last forever, I can wait.
Or will I see the door to your soul gate?! :)


Blackmore's Night - Moonlight Shadow

I like a folk-rock music very much. But composition by "Blackmore's Night" group made my day! It's perfect!)))

The last that ever she saw him
Carried away by a moonlight shadow
He passed on worried and warning
Carried away by a moonlight shadow.
Lost in a river last Saturday night
Far away on the other side...

The Singularity

I profess the Taoism. Often sign Tao is portrayed in the hieroglyph "Yin and Yang" in the Taoism. For me, it is a singularity. The sign of the unity. Well, or it's Love. :) This is something that many men are seeking, but only a few can find it.

In general, the conception of love is multilaterally. You can love a person, a place on the planet or double espresso for the night. :D But the real love it's only a singularity. When two become one.

The Singularity

To find your way,
Through Time and Space...
To take fate,
With Love face to face...

And let millions of years pass,
For the structure of the Universe progress,
There is only one success,
We comprehend infinite in ourselves!

And a tear on the God's cheek,
As an answer, that I seek...
In thousands of times and in millions of lives..
The Singularity of our soul rise!


"Fucking Berlin" - The place where souls are lost

"At first Sonia had fucked with those guys, with whom I would have slept after a stormy night; then she fucked with those, with whom I would have slept, if I drank too much and then she was just all the same ...".
(с) "Fucking Berlin".

How don't yourself to lose in a big city? Film "Fucking Berlin" is about it! Sonia Rossi (The main character) fell in love with the guy (Vlad). Vlad moonlighted by the gay prostitute before this. A little time has been coming... And Sonia has been working a whore by herself! "You need to understand in whom you fell in love, that to love!". This is one of the main slogan for this film. But in fact, the plot of this film was hidden in the phrase, that I put as the preamble to this post.

That is most interesting, this film was based in real events. As for me, I was interested by "Fucking Berlin", as the realistic European movie. I advise it to a viewing definitely.

Welcome to "Fucking Berlin"! :)

New 2017 in Moscow Kremlin! :)

- Firework.

As well as I have wanted, I celebrated the New Year in Moscow. I have a lot of impressions. It was the New Year in the rain. Red Square was closed. I made my way to it only through Manezhka. But the beautiful firework was here.

It was a very sad year. I would not like to celebrate the New Year in Russia next time. And I don't want to celebrate the New Year alone, as it was currently. I'll think that to do. It has been coming the entire year... :D

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