A person of interest in Gavunas' case in custody in Cyprus

Гавунас-Турчак.jpg - Mikhail Gavunas and Andrey Turchak.

"Every fox must pay its skin to the furrier".
(с) Popular wisdom.

Today I read interesting news on “The Pskovskaya Guberniya” website. It says, "A person of interest in Gavunas' case in custody in Cyprus". Here is the full text:

Lev Saliaev, a person of interest in the Gavunas case, has been taken into custody in Cyprus, a Pskov Gubernia correspondent reports from the courtroom. On September 13, the local court chose a preventive measure - he was detained.

A trial for his extradition is scheduled for October 15. According to preliminary information, Saliaev went there on holiday. His lawyer suggested that the court discuss whether to continue the trial until the extradition trial.

We would remind you that Mr Saliaev is charged under part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (large scale swindling) and part 2 of Article 171.2 (illegal organising and conducting games of chance connected with deriving a particularly large income). Mikhail Gavunas, former vice-governor and vice-speaker of the Pskov parliament, is also charged with this case. Moreover, he is accused of forgery.

Of course, the report by the Pskovkaya Guberniya correspondent "reporting from the courtroom in Cyprus" is ridiculous, but the arrest of Lev Salyaev is quite indicative. As the next in line may be Mikhail Gavunas, who also likes to go to Cyprus. :)

The story with Mikhail Gavunas is, of course, is water under the bridge. But I believe that such cases should be not time-barred. All the more so now, "warm and fuzzy" Mikhail Gavunas is persistently trying to return to Russia by ruining criminal cases against himself in court, using the former connections in the judiciary and the Administration of the Pskov region. And all this is being done with the active support of the regional media.

My conflict with Mikhail Gavunas began in June 2007, after the attempt on the journalist Vadim Guzinin who then blamed Mikhail Gavunas. I called Gavunas, and we had a rather unpleasant conversation. After that, my article was published on the now-defunct resource "Novye Khroniki" under the title "Zone of Bandit Mayhem". I will include it in this post. Also I would like to write about how the Pskov "journalists" reacted to the attempt on Vadim Guzinin's life. Here, in particular, are the comments of Alexander Mashkarin, editor of the “Pskovskaya Lenta Novostei” at that date:


Text translation:
Dima, are you just really this dumb? Guzynin is a prostitute, and there are no problems for anybody.

That might apply to you, too, Sasha. And there's every reason to. Think about it before you write anything.

As I understand it, there is no need to comment on it. I would only add that Alexander Mashkarin is not "Putin’s journalist», but he is a Pskov liberal "journalist", a member of “Yabloko” party and a great friend of Lev Schlossberg.

Zone of Bandit Mayhem
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Фигурант «дела Гавунаса» взят под стражу на Кипре

- Михаил Гавунас и Андрей Турчак.

"Сколько веревочке не виться...".
(с) Народная мудрость.

Сегодня прочитал на сайте "Псковской Губернии" интересную новость: "Фигурант «дела Гавунаса» взят под стражу на Кипре". Привожу тут ее полный текст:

Фигурант «дела Гавунаса» Лев Саляев взят под стражу на Кипре, сообщает корреспондент «Псковской губернии» из зала суда. 13 сентября местный суд выбрал ему меру пресечения: его поместили под стражу.

На 15 октября назначен суд по его экстрадиции. По предварительным данным, Саляев поехал туда на отдых. Адвокат предложил суду обсудить, стоит ли теперь продолжать процесс до суда по экстрадиции.

Напомним, Лев Саляев обвиняется по ч. 4 ст. 159 УК РФ (мошенничество, совершенное в особо крупном размере) и ч. 2 ст. 171.2 (легализация отмытых средств в крупном размере. По этому делу также обвиняется бывший вице-губернатор и вице-спикер псковского парламента Михаил Гавунас: его также обвиняют в подделке документов.

Конечно, про репортаж корреспондента "Псковской Губернии" прямо "из зала суда на Кипре" читать несколько смешно, но сам факт ареста Льва Саляева весьма показателен. Так как следующим на очереди может быть сам Михаил Гавунас, который тоже любит бывать на Кипре. :)

История с Михаилом Гавунасом - это, конечно, уже "дела давно минувших дней". Но лично я считаю, что такие дела должны быть "без срока давности". Тем более сейчас Михаил Гавунас настойчиво пытается вернуться в Россию "белым и пушистым", развалив, используя прежние связи в судейском корпусе и Администрации Псковской области, уголовные дела против себя в суде. И делается все это еще и при активной поддержке региональных Средств Массовой Информации.

Мой конфликт с Михаилом Гавунасом начался в июне 2007-ого года, после покушения на журналиста Вадима Гузинина. Вадим Гузинин тогда прямо обвинял в покушении Михаила Савельевича. Я позвонил Гавунасу и у нас состоялся не самый приятный диалог. После этого вышла моя статья на ныне не существующем ресурсе "Новые Хроники" под названием "Зона бандитского беспредела". Я размещу ее в этом посте. Также хотел бы написать, как отнеслись к покушению на Вадима Гузинина псковские недожурналисты. Вот, в частности комментарий бывшего на тот момент редактором "Псковской Ленты Новостей" Александра Машкарина:

Как я понимаю, комментарии тут излишни. От себя добавлю только, что Александр Машкарин - это не "путинский", а псковский либеральный недожурналист, член "Яблока" и большой друг Льва Шлосберга.

Зона бандитского беспредела
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"Efimova justice"

Суд Камбиса.jpg - "The Flaying of Sisamnes".

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves therefore are its only safe depositories”.
(с) Thomas Jefferson.

The fact that one person has been going crazy for a long time in the Kremlin is not a secret. But, unfortunately, the subordinates of this mad person are even more nuts. As for me, those events which we will talk about are not anything else but state-level insanity.

The Milushkin family lived in the city of Pskov in Northwest Russia. Artem Milushkin owned a stake in three Latvian fitness clubs. His wife Lia had worked as coordinator of the Pskov branch of Open Russia (declared as an undesirable organisation in Russia) since March 2018. The Milushkins were not any well-known personalities in the political space of the Pskov region but an ordinary Russian family with an active civil position. But it was them that the Russian authorities decided to arrange a showdown, absence of any direct evidence and a horrifyingly cruel verdict.

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Dmitrii Ershov, political scientist.

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Freemasonry and Abibas

- Andrei Bogdanov.

"We have an ordination from England. In France there is, I repeat, "unofficial" French Freemasonry - this is the Grand Orient de France, who said so: "We will discuss politics, we will discuss religion, we will accept atheists", and now they discuss a question - the opportunity to accept women. This is on the other side of good and evil. From our point of view, they are not Freemasons, but a circle of reconstructors, in fact. Crooks or not, I will not argue, but it is not serious".
(c) Andrey Bogdanov. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Russia.

Andrey Bogdanov gave another "great" interview the other day. You can read the original, "On Freemasonry, belief in God and political spin", if you are interested. Mr Bogdanov discussed so many things, but he didn't mention how he became the Grand Master with the help of the OMON (Russian Special Purpose Police Units). Based on this interview, I will write about the real differences between the Grand Orient de France and regular Freemasonry represented by the United Grand Lodge of England and retrieve the nonsense Bogdanov has said about Freemasonry.

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the current Russian Freemasonry. Masonic lodges consist of slightly more than 1000 people in Russia, the country where 124 million people live. Most of the Russian Masons, about 800 people, are members of the lodges affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Russia. There is also a United Grand Lodge of Russia, which has a patent from the Grand Lodge of France. There are about 200 members of the Grand Lodge of Russia. There are some more lodges in Russia:
• A lodge under the Grand Lodge of France (20 masons);
• Two lodges under the Grand Orient de France (about 50 Freemasons);
• Two lodges under the Le Droit Humain (also about 50 Freemasons);
• A lodge under the Women's Grand Lodge of France (about 30 Freemasons).
There are also different "occult and mystical" organisations like Thelemites and Martinists' orders, but they have nothing to do with Freemasonry.

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Brother D. ⸫

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«Ефимовское правосудие»

— «Казнь неправедного судьи Сисамна», Герард Давид. 1498 год.

«Любое государство деградирует, если оно вверено лишь правителям народа. Только сам народ является надежным хранителем власти и народа».
(с) Томас Джефферсон.

То, что у кой-кого в Кремле давно уже «едет крыша» давно уже не секрет. Но, к сожалению, еще больше «крыша едет» у подчиненных этого самого сумасшедшего деятеля. Так как ничем иным, кроме как сумасшествием государственного уровня я не могу назвать те события, о которых далее пойдет речь.

В городе Пскове на Северо-Западе России жила обычная семья Милушкиных. Артем Милушкин владел долей в трех латвийских фитнес-клубах, а его жена Лия с марта 2018 года работала координатором псковского отделения «Открытой России» (Признана в России нежелательной организацией). Милушкины не были какими-либо известными персонами в политическом пространстве Псковской области. Просто обычная российская семья с активной гражданской позицией. Но именно над ними российская власть решила устроить показательную расправу с участием «маски-шоу», отсутствием хоть каких-то прямых улик и ужасающим по своей жестокости приговором.

События развивались следующим образом. 4-ого ноября 2018-ого года Милушкины были задержаны сотрудниками псковской полиции перед одной из протестных акций, в которой они собирались принять участие. Во время задержания сотрудники уголовного розыска Илюхин и Герасимов угрожали Артему Милушкину, что если он «продолжит себя так вести», то ему подбросят наркотики. По факту этого разговора Артем Милушкин обратился с заявлением в Следственный комитет, где назвал данные фамилии, а также номер и марку машины, в которой происходил данный разговор (Автомобиль «Мицубиси» с госномером У704ВТ). Но в Следственном Комитете не стали заниматься этим делом.

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Дмитрий Ершов, политолог.

Опубликовано в газете "Завтра": «Ефимовское правосудие».

On Freemasonry

"If you want to hide something, hide it right in plain sight."
(c) Endgame by Frey James

Freemasons haven't been hiding from anyone or hiding anything much for a long time. However, it was not always like this. The esoteric Masonic society appeared in the Middle Ages as a challenge to the progressively thinking part of the aristocratic class and the Roman Catholic Church. By the way, things are still difficult between Vatican and Freemasonry, de jure, and any Catholic for membership in the Order can be facing excommunication, but things have long been different de facto.

All that remains secret in Freemasonry is the rule forbidding the disclosure of the personalities of those who belong to the Order and what goes on in the Lodge. The first rule about members is an anachronism and is observed more because of some showing off in the former USSR and somewhere in Europe. But the vast majority of Masonic lodges have their websites, pages on Instagram and Facebook, where all data (sometimes even the phone number and address) of their members or the leadership's data is posted. So if you see a "Freemason" somewhere who will start confusing matters about the Order, this person is just pretentious even if he is indeed a Freemason. This also applies to "199th degree Freemasons", as well as all kinds of "Templars" and "Rosicrucian" from "ancient and mystic orders". I have nothing against this kind of "occult mystical" people, but they have nothing to do with real Freemasonry.

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Brother D. ⸫

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Мировая закулиса

Who will make America great again?

"Alors, citoyens, il est à craindre que la révolution, comme Saturne, ne dévore successivement tous ses enfants et n’engendre enfin le despotisme avec les calamités qui l’accompagnen".
(c) Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud.

Before you read this material, I would like to point out a few nuances right away. I advocate multiculturalism and feminism, and I care less about a person's sexual orientation than anything else in the world. I am first and foremost a journalist and an analyst. And I care about the facts and a sober analysis of the situation without manipulating information. So after reading all of the following, don't even think of accusing me of racism and lack of political correctness, but rather look in the mirror.

When I lived in the USA last fall, I had no idea that the country would change so much in just six months. The America of last fall and the America of this spring are two completely different countries. In such a short time, the United States has changed from a peaceful and comfortable country into the kind of country, which image Russian propaganda on the RT channel has been creating for years. Shop-crashing, police brutality, anarchy in Seattle, curfews became a reality for Americans now. So what happened?

The elites are deeply divided. Formally, the split is along the line between the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States, but de facto, the split is much deeper and more global. It is essentially a split between globalist America represented by the Democrats and stand-alone America advocated by the Republicans. Thus, Donald Trump and the forces behind him are all concerned with the internal state of affairs in the United States. Hence all these attempts to restrict migration, the "trade war" with China and the complete shutdown of "colour revolutions" and their infrastructure worldwide. Victims of these revolutions have fallen to Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine and Vladimir Plahotniuc in Moldova.

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Dmitrii Ershov, political scientist.

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My way

Splendour and poverty of Zanzibar

“Don't go, children, To walk to Africa. In Africa, a robber, In Africa villain, In Africa, terrible Bar-ma-lei!”.
(с) Korney Chukovsky.

Honestly, I have no big feelings for Africa and have never considered African countries as tourist destinations. Even Malta which is 300 km away from the African continent, was more than enough for me. But the year 2020 had come, and the coronavirus story happened. Europe and Canada were closed. The US had elections, and the Black Lives Matter movement wasn't making it better. I had no desire to go to Turkey for a "Tagil!" style holiday. The UAE has a problem with logistics to the beaches, and hotels that are close to the beaches are insanely expensive. So all that was left was Tanzania and the island of Zanzibar, where we went to.

We were not asked to get vaccinated before flying to Zanzibar. But vaccinations are necessary. Zanzibar has both malaria and yellow fever. These two diseases are spread by such tiny mosquitoes, abundant in Zanzibar, and insect repellent does not help. They will bite you anyway. There used to be sleeping sickness, but it seems to have been dealt with there. I do not know where to get vaccinated because, for example, in Chuvashia, you cannot even get a malaria test anywhere. There are medicines and normal medics, but as I understood yesterday, medicine no longer exists. It may be easier in Moscow, Kazan and St. Petersburg. But it is better not to go there without vaccinations, whatever tour operators say. By the way, from communication with the representatives of our tour operator, I concluded their zero professional aptitude.

I cannot say anything about COVID-19 there. Officially, there is no coronavirus over there. No one wears masks, but the medicine is much worse in Zanzibar than in Chuvashia, and 90% of the local population has no access to any medical assistance at all. Therefore, COVID-19 may be there, but it is simply not diagnosed. Representatives of tour operators will also tell you that there is no COVID-19 in Zanzibar due to the hot climate. Please don't believe them. It's even hotter in Miami, and people are being struck down by COVID-19 there.

So you've got vaccinated, flown over the equator, seen from the window the majestic volcano Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria and landed at Abeid Amani Karuma International Airport on the island of Unguja in the Zanzibar Archipelago. You should be ready to lose two hours to get your visa. An important point about visa payment. It is better to pay the visa fee in cash or by a dollar card. The fee upon conversion in Zanzibar is unbelievable, and in case you pay $50 for the visa with a ruble card, you may see a charge of 6000 rubles or even more. As a result, after 2 hours of agony, you will get a stamp on your passport, allowing three months stay in Tanzania. Then it is better to change your currency and buy a SIM card right away. Moreover, the best option is to do this at the kiosks in front of the airport. The current exchange rate of local currency is 2310 shillings to 1 US dollar.

Next, you will be taken to your hotel. Pretty nice hotels are located in Kendwa and Kizimkazi. This is the west coast of the island, and the tides are not big at all there. On the east coast, you won't be able to see the ocean for half a day.

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes. For example, there is Residence Kizimkazi, where you can be checked for a bomb under the bonnet at the entrance. The hotel interior is ready to compete with the most fashionable hotels in Europe. Telling the truth, you will have to drive half an hour along the bumpy country road to get there, avoiding the herds of local goats. There are more modest options for accommodation, where you will have a bungalow with air conditioning and a shower. There is another option, a bed in shared rooms under the roof, called Hostels. A big plus is that almost all hotels are on the oceanfront. But if you do not live in Kizimkazi, Kendwa or Nungwi, you will not see the ocean as often as you want, anyway. Yes, as for Nungwi. They usually take all "Russo touristo" there. So if you are interested in a Turkey-like place in Zanzibar, you are most welcome.

If you are just interested in having a nice time only, you can stay in the hotel, if it is OK. The hotel may arrange some excursions. For example, you can swim with dolphins or sail to an uninhabited island for a picnic. I also warn you that it is better to take care of your skin in advance if you plan to be in the sun for a long time. My misadventures in Zanzibar started exactly when I got sunburnt after spending a day in the Indian Ocean. The sun in Zanzibar is very harsh, and you have to be very careful with it.

You can also walk around the hotel's area and see how the locals live. The poverty I have seen in Zanzibar is unmatched, although I don't travel around poor countries. The locals are very friendly, though. I have only encountered very cheeky beach boys in Stone Town, the island's capital. The locals are much better in Kizimkazi.

You can also stop by the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. Cute red colobus monkeys are living there. But I advise you to walk through the forest strictly with a guide and to wear boots. There are black and green mambas in the woods. If you are bitten by one, you can be saved only by applying a serum, which should be injected not more than 10 minutes after the bite. A mamba bite is 100% fatal. And yes, I've seen the green mamba there.

The main danger of the ocean is sea urchins. Zanzibar has an untold number of them. So wear your reef flip-flops. The urchins are deadly for allergy sufferers. A person will immediately go into anaphylactic shock. A close encounter with a sea urchin will deprive an average person of rest for three days.

As for alcohol, it is better to drink the local Konyagi, a mix of gin and anise vodka. You can also find the local vodka KVANT. The alcohol is of high quality, and you won't get a hangover.

A holiday in Zanzibar can be pretty enjoyable. However, you should understand that this is not Europe and not Turkey, and it's necessary to take your vacation in equatorial Africa very seriously. You must get vaccinated, your skin must be prepared for the very harsh sun, and you must not hang out anywhere in Zanzibar, as it is deadly. At the same time, it's best to stay away from your fellow "Tagil" compatriots. On the way back, "Russo touristo" of the "Tagil" kind put up a tough fight right on the flight. To be more precise, one crazy man slightly injured a passenger for reasons which are still not quite clear. As a result, "guests" from the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs came on board when we arrived in Kazan.

As for me, Africa is not my cup of tea. I can't live in a country where there are no supermarkets, but a bunch of deadly dangers, lurking around every corner)) Travelling to Tanzania was a challenge. And by the way, my wife loved it. Luckily, she's not affected by the African sun or afraid of mosquitoes. And the Indian Ocean is the perfect place to learn to swim if you bypass sea urchins.)) On the other hand, I should be thinking very seriously about my immunity since equatorial Africa ended up being even worse for my health this year than North America last year.

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- Милушкины.

"Где нет рабов, не может быть и тирана".
(с) Иоганн Готтфрид Зойме.

Давно уже следил за процессом, а точнее расправой над семьей Милушкиных в Пскове. Вот сегодня им вынесли приговор. Артему Милушкину дали 11 лет колонии строгого режима, а Лии Милушкиной - 10,5 лет колонии с отсрочкой до 2024 года. Их обвиняли в том, что 4 января 2019 года Милушкин во время контрольной закупки сбыл 2,19 грамма амфетамина покупателю под псевдонимом "Денис", а его супруга Лия через несколько дней продала 4,69 грамма амфетамина покупателю под псевдонимом "Оля". Милушкину также вменили организацию серии поджогов и продажу наркотиков в 2011 году. При этом по результатам обыска в доме Милушкиных и в смывах с рук супругов наркотиков обнаружено не было, а единственными доказательствами их виновности в деле являлись показания свидетелей. К слову, оба свидетеля в суде отрицали свои первые показания о виновности подсудимых. Также Лия Милушкина в своем заключительном слове заявила, что сотрудники псковского центра "Э" предлагали ей самой оговорить активистку "Открытой России" (Организация запрещена в России) Анастасию Шевченко.

В итоге, все обвинение базировалась на показаниях наркомана Станислава Павлова, которого дважды судили за хранение амфетамина и в итоге приговорили к 3 годам и 6 месяцам колонии общего режима и штрафу в 15 000 рублей. Уликами служили 2 видео на которых толком ничего не было. И все...

Что сейчас показывает этот процесс? А показывает в целом то, что сейчас не проблема "укатать" имеющих отличную от партии "Единая Россия" точку зрения на ситуацию в стране людей на очень долго уже по не связанной с политикой статье. Я не знаю ответа на вопрос торговали Милушкины наркотой или нет. Но сажать людей на 11 лет на основе лишь показаний работающего на ментов наркомана и 2-х размытых видео - это преступление. В таких случаях либо доказательная база должна быть "железной", либо нужно отпускать с миром. К слову, решение выносила судья Псковского районного суда Ефимова Светлана Юрьевна. Сохраним это имя для истории. Она должна знать своих "героев".

Кстати, интересно, как продвигается дело с хищением 100 кг наркотиков из вещдоков в Псковском УФСБ? Всем выговоры влепили уже? Или просто без премий оставили?

Мировая закулиса

Google против свободной журналистики?!

Вчера решил добавить свой сайт David Arius в программу Google Ads. У меня был какой-то древний российский аккаунт там, вот и решил его использовать. В общем, создал рекламную кампанию, написал key words, создал бюджет, выбрал гео по США и ЕС. Первая проблема была с оплатой. С карты пополнить баланс российского аккаунта Google Ads не дают. На другие платежи перевестись нереально. Потратил на все про все часа 3. Потом просто "забил" на это. Ну не работает Google и все. А сегодня мне от Google на почту приходит вот это:

"Обход системы", как я понял, это когда рекламируешь по заказу одно, а на деле там рекламируется совсем другое. То есть, например, у тебя сайт про кошечек, а на деле там порнуха. :D Но на моем сайте, как и указано, есть только фотографии и аналитика. В общем, отправил им claim и жду объяснений от Google по поводу такого рода бреда с их стороны. Может, они так российские аккаунты прессуют? У нас во Флориде такого рода блокировки что от Goodle, что от иных такого родам сервисов - это подсудное дело и будет расцениваться весьма однозначно, как нарушение свободы слова.