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Some words about the Love...

  Давно уже хотел это запостить... 

                                                            "Who didn’t love, that didn’t get to know God, because God is love..." 
                                                                                                                                            The 1st of Hans, p. 8

Once, when I was re-reading the New Testament, I focused my attention on psalm from the First message of Hans, which narrated about the Love. I thought above the words, which was written, for a long time, but, as subsequently time showed, I didn’t arrive at its correct understanding. I thought: If God - it is the personification of Love, then Love - it is the personification of God?! Interestingly, as there can be a feeling - by quintessence of Most High? Or Most High - by quintessence of a feeling? These were two, the completely different conceptions for my understanding, which I can’t connect. Simply, I have never loved still...
As it’s known, everything begins with time. I met the girl, whom it fell in Love very strongly. This continued half a year, until tragic decoupling begins. It only seems, that everything was ended, but in the heart I continue to realize, that I will love her all next time of my life.
The New Testament fell into the hands to me again. Probably, I subconsciously stumbled on that psalm almost immediately. And, as it seems me now, I approached its correct understanding. However, is that such Love so? I think, this is such state of soul and body, when you are ready to forgive everything: any offence, any evil which to you somebody brought. This is such state, when you want to bring into the world only kindness, to help those, whom is necessary your aid and support. This is the state, which makes it necessary to create, to dream, TO LIVE! Man is made by Love that more advanced, it begins to understand the true essence of events.
Actually, if God is, that this is Love. This is the perfect beginning, which makes from chaos - accordion, from gloom - light. And people, who sincerely love, they are capable of barely getting to know it and of making happier themselves and another people.
When a feeling of Love is born in one more person, then peace becomes brighter and it is better. To love and to be dear, probably, this is sense of our existence.

D. Е. 

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