January 21st, 2017


The Karma

I wanna sit on the hill at night and to look into the distance. My wearied mind is relaxed by meditation and my soul will find the peace thereby.

I am very fascinated by the eastern culture recently. Really, contemplation and meditation help me to survive. Of course, there is spiritually first of all. So I wanna go to the edge of the Earth. I wanna live on the island in mid-ocean, to meditate on the top of the volcano and to contemplate my new world.

What a blessing, I found meaning in the religion and I found the purpose in the life. :) We come into this world and we leave it. There is no death. Only the Karma is something that stays with us from the past life and it goes to the next. I want my next life with me will be only the Karma of the Love and good deeds. Nya! :)