April 1st, 2017

Любовь добро

Road to Nowhere

I think that the best way to start all over again in our world is the death. I believe that the death is never accidental. When somebody died, he fulfilled his mission in this world. And he will start a new life in this or in another world with a new Karma. When somebody commits suicide, he'll simply return to his previous level after this. He will remain in it further or he'll even go into more primitive worlds.

If a person doesn't see any senses in his life, but he is still alive, therefore he have not been fulfilling his destiny in life yet. This condition is uncomfortable to the same extent as, for example, when you have everything that you want, but you'll die from cancer at the short time. We're all going to die anyway. Sooner or later. This makes me happy. :) Meanwhile, I can go to nowhere, even if I don't understand "why"...)))

Road to Nowhere

Night in the street
And Moon in the sky...
I go to nowhere...
I don't know "Why?"

I look only you,
It's my survey...
When you disappeared...
I wanted to die!

I'm looking on stars,
It couldn't lie..
I go to nowhere...
To my new life's tie!