April 6th, 2017


Spring syndrome


I've been in Russia for almost a month now. There's absolutely nothing to do for me. As a result, I go in for sports. I drank guarana and I am running after this around the park and I'm riding a bicycle across the town. It is about 20 km by bike and more than 10 km by jogging everyday. It's like I'm 15 years old now.))) Maybe, I'll by a new passport for myself and I'll go to a school at the first of September? :D

In fact, I'm really bored. I think, where I can to fly. Luqa? Beirut? Rome? Denpasar? Honolulu? Pattaya? Ibiza? Cairo? Everyday, I have some new idea. And every morning I have unwillingness to do anything. Depression level is 10 out of 10. I will be in St. Petersburg exactly next week. I wanted to go to Piter tomorrow, but I don't want go anywhere today again... Brr! Got it all!