April 17th, 2017

Только ты!

The Сosmos Between Us...

I have not written to my LiveJournal for a long time. It's not good. :) So, I'm a little philosophic. What is the main purpose of the life for me? This is mutual sincere love, of course.:) I have not been looking for any sexual relations for a long time, although I meet with girls from all over the world constantly. The essence is simple here. Mutual love is the fusion of souls. When this happens, you don't need any sexual relations and you have no any problems with misunderstanding. And this feeling is understandable in seconds. Either it is or it isn't.

Is it possible to find a girl in this world who shares the same views? Surprisingly, but "Yes". It's real. It's just as necessary to look for she actively, often travel, communicate with people. Sometimes, there may be the cosmos between us, but we're one. And sometimes we can be in the same bed, but the cosmos is between us. C'est la vie! ;)