May 1st, 2017

Луна... сводит с ума

Broken heart!

- Bast.

I had a terrible grief! My Love betrayed me and it decided to leave me... I have been still remembering now how I met this white cruel creature in the cafe! I have been giving it everything to myself, my whole soul from our first meeting... And it, a blonde bitch, trampled all my feelings and it left me ...

And as we were happy together... We fell asleep together and we woke up so... I could not live without its sweet little face, that were lying on my chest unconcerned... But this turkish blonde bitch found another human and it had left me. Its passport was even hidden from me, in which our relations were officially fixed! I will be sad and lonely so strongly! Tell me, please, how can I live thus?

Burn in hell, venal blonde bitch! :D