August 11th, 2017


Fate editing

You were given in this world permit!
Can you your life the best edit?
To withstand strong fate hit...
And to turn again in the ash bit!
Только ты!

The Color Of the Night...

The Color Of the Night... What does this mean for me? You and I... The Moon is reflected in the Mediterranean Sea. Take you in my arms on rocks... Long night. Real feelings. I wanna get lost again between Italy and Libya, more than anything in the world. A part of me was remained in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea (Is it a funny joke?). A long way to understanding myself this summer gave me an understanding to the fact that I need to get lost so often. I want the wind to hit me in the face again in Luqe. I wanna walk and holding for your hands during the night in the Middle-earth again. I wanna look at the sea and to try to see Africa. It is difficult to understand yourself. And to find yourself almost unreal. Apparently, I just need to be lost more often...

You and I moving in the dark
Bodies close but souls apart
Shadowed smiles, secrets unrevealed
I need to know the way you feel...