February 24th, 2020


My site

I have my own site - David-Arius.Photo. But I have not updated it two and half years yet. I planned to post photos from my trips there. There are a lot of photos from all over the world now. I will post it in my site & here in LiveJournal soon. Maybe, it's a cool idea to write short notes about masonic themes & others there too.

I will finish photo part about Transnistria & will think about new ideas for topics.

Tiraspol — capital of Transnistria

Tiraspol is internationally recognised as the second largest city in Moldova, but is effectively the capital and administrative centre of the unrecognised Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (Transnistria). The city is located on the eastern bank of the Dniester River.

Field Marshal Alexander Suvorov is considered the founder of modern Tiraspol; his statue is the city's most distinctive landmark. The city took its name from Tyras, the Greek name of the Dniester River on which it stands.

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