August 14th, 2021


Freemasonry and Abibas

- Andrei Bogdanov.

"We have an ordination from England. In France there is, I repeat, "unofficial" French Freemasonry - this is the Grand Orient de France, who said so: "We will discuss politics, we will discuss religion, we will accept atheists", and now they discuss a question - the opportunity to accept women. This is on the other side of good and evil. From our point of view, they are not Freemasons, but a circle of reconstructors, in fact. Crooks or not, I will not argue, but it is not serious".
(c) Andrey Bogdanov. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Russia.

Andrey Bogdanov gave another "great" interview the other day. You can read the original, "On Freemasonry, belief in God and political spin", if you are interested. Mr Bogdanov discussed so many things, but he didn't mention how he became the Grand Master with the help of the OMON (Russian Special Purpose Police Units). Based on this interview, I will write about the real differences between the Grand Orient de France and regular Freemasonry represented by the United Grand Lodge of England and retrieve the nonsense Bogdanov has said about Freemasonry.

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the current Russian Freemasonry. Masonic lodges consist of slightly more than 1000 people in Russia, the country where 124 million people live. Most of the Russian Masons, about 800 people, are members of the lodges affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Russia. There is also a United Grand Lodge of Russia, which has a patent from the Grand Lodge of France. There are about 200 members of the Grand Lodge of Russia. There are some more lodges in Russia:
• A lodge under the Grand Lodge of France (20 masons);
• Two lodges under the Grand Orient de France (about 50 Freemasons);
• Two lodges under the Le Droit Humain (also about 50 Freemasons);
• A lodge under the Women's Grand Lodge of France (about 30 Freemasons).
There are also different "occult and mystical" organisations like Thelemites and Martinists' orders, but they have nothing to do with Freemasonry.

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Published in David-Arius.Photo: "Freemasonry and Abibas".