August 15th, 2021


"Efimova justice"

Суд Камбиса.jpg - "The Flaying of Sisamnes".

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves therefore are its only safe depositories”.
(с) Thomas Jefferson.

The fact that one person has been going crazy for a long time in the Kremlin is not a secret. But, unfortunately, the subordinates of this mad person are even more nuts. As for me, those events which we will talk about are not anything else but state-level insanity.

The Milushkin family lived in the city of Pskov in Northwest Russia. Artem Milushkin owned a stake in three Latvian fitness clubs. His wife Lia had worked as coordinator of the Pskov branch of Open Russia (declared as an undesirable organisation in Russia) since March 2018. The Milushkins were not any well-known personalities in the political space of the Pskov region but an ordinary Russian family with an active civil position. But it was them that the Russian authorities decided to arrange a showdown, absence of any direct evidence and a horrifyingly cruel verdict.

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Dmitrii Ershov, political scientist.

Published in David-Arius.Photo: "Efimova justice".