David Arius (david_arius) wrote,
David Arius

Anonymous Message From TAR

Greetings citizens of the globe. I am The Anonymous Reporter. This video is decentralized therefore meaning that I have no YouTube channel whatsoever. I do have a Twitter, yet beforehand let me tell you the reason and nature as to why I have made this video. Some of you may have known of the famed twitter account @AnonNewsNet. Since 2011 it has gone completely in the shadows. Therefore I am here to revive it. Representing the anonymous news network in the most absolute prestige way, being a reporter with a firm yet sharp attitude. If there is any former @AnonNewsNet users out in the web feel free to contact my e-mail: anonnewsnet@hushmail.com My duty to the anonymous collective is being a Journalist - investigator, political & Intel analyst, sharing thoughts & opinions on ongoing news, events, wars, conflicts, sources, messages, updates & ops. To this I say: Stop surveillance, stop censorship, stop propaganda, and stop corruption. As a civil and human rights activist, and a protester for justice and liberty, revolutionary on corrupt press a patriot & an operator, I say Governments be damned I am a reporter for the oppressed. I seek anonymous affiliated twitter accounts that make an impact as well as journalists like Glen Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, Kim DotCom, Medea Benjamin, Belt Trew and many others with respect, therefore I report on their tweets, arguments, falls & rises. Yet I do know that there is indeed anonymous sectors around the globe doing the duty as active civilians stretching from Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe, and stretching as far as Australia respectively; from there I start reporting from them via world events.

Some of you may find me on IRC whether it's anonyops.com or anonops.com's IRC reporting on downed, defaced, & leaked sites. We all wish to make a positive social impact without government interruption. We all wish the right to bare arms, the right to bare our own privacy, the right to speak and feel free. Our justice system is broken indeed. Our governments care more about their crimes being exposed than their own people getting harmed & killed by a system that is willed bent on killing innocence. Though some of you may have heard this to too many times I must say it one more time - We need to rise in the masses. Yet we are afraid as to what would happen in the aftermath of it. We are afraid the situation would go about like Egypt's or Syria's view. So we stay silent. Just know there is hundreds upon thousands, upon millions of men, women and children in our poor and unjustified globe being silent, yet waiting to rise against the oppressor. I will make a video every 2-3 months, detailing, reporting and pressing the release of the massive events happening in our corrupt globe. I wish to not have war on terror, nor a war on drugs; but a war on ignorance. We are noble people of this earth and we should treat it with care and respect, but the men they call themselves our leaders are turning each and every one of us into horrid creatures literally bending our will to respect them every way possible. None of us want that, your future family does not want that vision, we must act.

Let us rise, before it is to late.

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.

If I ever do build a YouTube channel I will post it on my Twitter feed.

Please Follow @TheAnonReporter on Twitter for the latest.

We Are Anonymous,
We Are Legion,
We Forgive,
Yet May We Never Forget,
United As One,
Divided By None.
I am The Anonymous Reporter.
Don't expect me, for I am already here.

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