David Arius (david_arius) wrote,
David Arius

Looking for social work jobs or a new employee in social work!

Dear friends!

I am interested in social work looking for in third world countries at the moment: Africa (Preference: Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire, Central African Republic, Mali, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Sudan and Chad), Indochina (Preferences: Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) and Latin America (Preferences: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia) in the directions of any social organizations of the European Union.

Directions: English language training in disadvantaged regions of the world, monitoring and analysis of the social situation, working with refugees and IDPs.

Can anyone recommend me any organizations that are engaged in such work? Well, social trends, which there are more relevant to me now at the right category too.


E-mail: ershov.da@gmail.com
Tel. + 79118944414

I would be very appreciate for any help. Also I am looking for it for himself. :)


Surname: Ershov
Name: Dmitry
Patronymic: Arvidovich
Date of birth: August, 25th 1986
Marital status: single
Formation: Bachelor's degree in management and economics.

1. Pskov regional Congress, the manager of bureau.
2. Co "Trade-invest", the expert in work with securities, the expert (head) of the educational center.
3. Co «Civil press», the special correspondent.
4. Co «Agency of safety "Status", the trainee of the security guard.
5. The individual businessman. (Advertisement, promotion, distribution).
6. Federal newspaper "Russian News", special correspondent. On 06.11.2015 at the moment.

Additional education: The Certificate Co “FINAM” on passage of courses and qualification reception «the Expert in the financial markets». Also I am certified Co “FINAM”, as the teacher.

Previous convictions and administrative offenses: I do not judge, I have no administrative offenses.

Hobbies: Antique history, astrophysics, poetry, shooting from various types of weapon, hand-to-hand fight etc.
Achievements in sport: 4,5 years of preparation on army hand-to-hand fight. 3th category on shooting from gun.

The short autobiography

I was born in Pskov in the Northwest of Russia. I graduated Pskov Linguistic grammar school. I have received secondary education, and also the certificate on passage of courses "Debate" there. I have come in Pskov polytechnical institute on a speciality «State and municipal management». Also, I have started to work in Pskov regional Congress since December, 2003. Also I have studied in the Russian international academy of tourism.
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