David Arius (david_arius) wrote,
David Arius

The Singularity

I profess the Taoism. Often sign Tao is portrayed in the hieroglyph "Yin and Yang" in the Taoism. For me, it is a singularity. The sign of the unity. Well, or it's Love. :) This is something that many men are seeking, but only a few can find it.

In general, the conception of love is multilaterally. You can love a person, a place on the planet or double espresso for the night. :D But the real love it's only a singularity. When two become one.

The Singularity

To find your way,
Through Time and Space...
To take fate,
With Love face to face...

And let millions of years pass,
For the structure of the Universe progress,
There is only one success,
We comprehend infinite in ourselves!

And a tear on the God's cheek,
As an answer, that I seek...
In thousands of times and in millions of lives..
The Singularity of our soul rise!


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