David Arius (david_arius) wrote,
David Arius

The Illusion of Time...

I have always believed that time is an illusion. As well, that life and death is a very subjective concept. I don't wanna philosophize deeply on the subject now. I present a short poem better. :)

The Illusion of Time...

"There is no death"
Once You said...
Who believes and seeth...
They'll never be dead!

But when you've enough hits at bat,
There's no love in the heart,
And nobody wanna call,
Because you closed your soul!

Are You alive or cold?
If you have never told...
The words for the sake of we're alive,
You stay only in your pain and its dive!

Will it always be night?
I don't care - "Am I right?"
It can last forever, I can wait.
Or will I see the door to your soul gate?! :)


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