David Arius (david_arius) wrote,
David Arius

Fifty Shades Darker... :D

"You taught me how to fuck and not how to love".
(c) Christian Grey.

I have visited Moscow this week. There were a lot of work and time was a little. Especially as the fact, that I should immediately go to Germany. I went to the cinema at the end of my voyage. I watched the movie "Fifty Shades Darker" with a hookah and a tea with the ginger in the luxurious cinema "Loft Cinema" at Sretensky alleyway.

I believe that the sex is the highest expression of the feeling of the Love. Accordingly, if there is no love, that there is no sex too. I can say only following words to all girls I had before: "You have been taught me how to fuck and not how to Love". The movie "Fifty Shades Darker" it is the film about the Love, as well as it's about how to properly to fuck with the Love. :)

Fuck only with the Love and be calm, my dears! :D


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